Best Articles of the Week! Easter Edition

Easter is a special time. Kids dress up in their fanciest clothes, all of the candy comes in pastel colors, and we as a society collectively pretend that whole bunny-egg thing makes sense.

And, oh, the email puns! So many “Hoppy Easters!”


We’ve scoured through all the “somebunnies” and “eggcellents” and everything in between to bring you some of the best articles of the week that were hiding out in the email marketing field.

3 Easter Email Marketing Ideas (via MailCharts)

If you still haven’t put together your Easter marketing email, it’s not too late! Here’s a handful of handy tips for churning out a quick Easter email. Spoiler alert: none of these tips are “gratuitous use of Easter puns.”

Why is email rendering so complex? (via Litmus)

It’s a question that haunts email marketers almost as much as those creepy mall Easter bunnies. This article provides solid numbers on just how complicated it is to make that email show up as intended. You’ll definitely think twice before not testing an email, and everyone else will think twice before saying that email developers are anything less than superhuman.

Three ‘Missing’ Email Metrics That Could Change Your Priorities (via Return Path)

Marketers often focus on the same few metrics to gauge the performance of their email program. If they had to describe their performance in a cheesy subject line, they might say they’re “putting their eggs in one basket.” Return Path introduces three alternative metrics for marketers to consider, completely free of Easter puns.

InsiderInbox with PostUp’s Keith Sibson (via PowerInbox)

PostUp’s VP of Product & Marketing Keith Sibson recently talked to PowerInbox. Read on to find Keith’s takes on the email marketing industry, the threat posed by Facebook, and strategic karaoke song picks.

The World’s Longest GIF Will End in the Year 3017 (via Oddity Central)

Email marketers are always on the lookout for great GIFs to stick in their marketing messaging, jazz up their content, or even just show off to friends. While we wouldn’t recommend sticking this GIF in your next campaign, it might put things in perspective the next time you complain about your internet being too slow.

Those are just a handful of the great email articles that have crossed our baskets this week. Join us for next week’s Best Articles of the Week: “Please, Please, Please Somebody Tell Me What to Do with All of These Marshmallow Peeps” Edition.

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